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Information for suppliers

To conclude an Agreement for the supply of cereals, suppliers are required to provide a statement in the purchasing department to sign the Agreement for the supply of agricultural products, as well as the originals and copies of all charter documents, signed by the head and stamped.

  • copy of certificate about state registration of a business entity
  • copy of certificate on registration of VAT
  • copy of certificate about state registration (selective extraction (vityag) request for all criteria)
  • copy of a certificate of EDRPOU
  • copy of certificate about to take account of the tax payer (4-OPP)
  • a copy of an extract from the Unified State Register of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs
  • a copy of the Charter
  • Bank details
  • copy of the minutes of the authorized body about the appointment of the Director and the order for his accession to the post
  • completed application for concluding a contract

Quality requirements for crops

  • Test weight min 720 g / l
  • Moisture min 14.0% basis
  • Foreign matter max 2% of the basis
  • Damaged and broken grains max 6%
  • Germinated grains max 7%
  • Whole grains min 92%
  • Protein min 10%
  • Test weight min 690 g / l basis
  • Moisture max 14.5% basis
  • Foreign matter max 2% of the basis
  • Grain impurity  max
  • generally 8%
  • broken grains 5%
  • sprouted grains 5%
  • Whole grains min 90%
  • Teat weight min 62 kg / hl
  • Moisture max 14.0%
  • Grain impurities max 2%
  • Damaged grains (for shrinkage) max 4%
  • Whole grains min 92%
  • Test weight min 69.5 kg / hl
  • Moisture max 14.0%
  • Foreign matter max 2%
  • Grain impurities max 8%
  • Damaged grains max 5%
  • Broken grains max 5%
  • Whole grains min 90%
  • Tannins max 0.3%
  • Moisture max 14.0%
  • Crude protein min 15%
  • Crude fiber max 9%
  • Acid part of the fat max 50 mg of KOH
  • Infection and contamination of pests are not permitted
  • Toxicity is not allowed
  • Diameter of pellets – 8-12mm
Moisture max 12.0%

Protein min 36%

Fiber max 18%

Ash max 8.5%

Sand / quartz max 0.5%



Lars Export Company is the leading exporters of various products of Ukrainian origin, especially of agricultural products. Export crops is our priority, however standing partners already know that we have an individual approach to the needs of the market and are ready to flexibly change the range of products sold. Consolidated volume of supply to the end of 2015 is more than 500 000 tons per year.
In order to ensure our business partners of products that meet specified requirements, we choose the most reliable suppliers and work with them directly, without intermediaries. Only proven carriers provide timely delivery to our contracts both on the territory of Ukraine, as well as in case of deliveries directly to customers importing state.

Lars Export headquarter is based in Kiev, which allows us to keep abreast of trends in international trade. Representatives of our Company are regularly sent with quality control mission and monitoring of the speed of shipments to local farms, transport nodes and storages.

Lars Export team is working on the quality results and provide the best value possible. That is why our partners prefer to contact us with proposals for cooperation even in respect of those categories of exports, with which we did not work on a large scale yet.

Flexibility, reliability and efficiency – a pledge of our success.


We are always open to your offerings!

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